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As the local AMSOIL dealer in Grasston, MN, we wanted to kick things off with an introduction to synthetic oil - a bit of the history, how it is made, and some of its benefits. You will be surprised of all the advantages you will find in Synthetic Oil.

What Is Synthetic Oil? Find Out From Cardey4Everoil in Minneapolis, MN

History of Synthetic Oil

With the heavy strain that World War II put on resources, both sides in the war started to employ oils they had developed in the lab. These synthetic oils were used exclusively for aircraft purposes until AMSOIL introduced the first synthetic oil for automobiles in 1972. As the first synthetic oil in the market, AMSOIL remains the best.

How Synthetic Oil is Made

Synthetic oils are made artificially in a lab, either using components of petroleum, without the crude, or from other materials. While the specific processes for making synthetic oils are patented by various manufacturers, they are designed using very advanced technology. Since they are man-made, their molecular structures are more uniform, with smaller, lighter, and more stable particles than conventional oils extracted from the ground.

Benefits of Using Synthetic Oil in Minneapolis, MN

Their unique molecular structure gives synthetic oil a number of advantages over conventional oils. For one, they are more resistant to heat and cold, maintaining viscosity even in extreme weather and working conditions. Synthetic oils are also more efficient, sliding together and against engine components more easily, better protecting against engine wear. Finally, synthetic oils last as much as five times longer than conventional oils, meaning you do not have to change oil as often.If you think synthetic oil may be right for your vehicle, give Cardey4EverOilin Minneapolis, MN you can shop all of our AMSOIL lubrication, filtration, and other automotive products at our online store.   

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Now that you know the benefits of synthetic oil, imagine what  can do to protect your transmission, mostly because we live in a predominantly hot climate, and we can often ignore the affects and damage that cold weather can cause to our engine. Cardey4everoil has some information to share about the affects on cold weather on your engine, and what you can do to prevent them when the temperatures drops.

All Season Transmission Protection With Synthetic Oil in Minneapolis, MN

What Is a Cold Start?

A 'cold start' of your engine describes starting your engine once all the parts have cooled down after operation and your engine and transmission oil have settled. Usually this cool down occurs overnight as the temperatures drop. As your engine is no longer running your transmission fluid is not being constantly heated and is left vulnerable to cold temperatures, causing it to lose its viscosity and retract from hard to reach places in your transmission.

What Happens When You Start Your Car in Cold Weather
When your transmission shifts gears your synchronizers need to spin at certain speeds to allow a fluid and damage-free transition.  In the scenario of a cold start, your conventional transmission fluid has become thickened and isn't able to facilitate this fluid transition. These clunky style gear changes not only affect the performance or your engine, but can cause serious damage to your transmission as metal is left to collide with metal until your fluid is warmed up and is able to reach where it needs to.

Buy Synthetic Oil in Minneapolis, MN

If clunky style gear shifts are common-place as you drive your engine during cold temperatures, speak with an expert here at Cardey4everoil on (612) 991-4737 about the benefits of utilizing Amsoil Oil in Minneapolis, MN.

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