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How to Ride Your Motorcycle Safely

If you're a regular motorcycle rider or are just starting out, safety should be your number one concern while on the road. Riding a motorcycle can leave you more exposed to dangerous conditions, but there are ways to stay safe. Cardey4everoil has some useful tips to help keep you and your motorcycle safe out on the open road.

Wear the Right Gear

Wearing the right gear while riding your motorcycle isn't about looking cool, it's about keeping you safe. Avoid wearing casual clothing, such as sandals, tennis shoes, jeans and t-shirts while riding a motorcycle. Stick to appropriate items that will protect you from the elements and potential road rash. Always wear a jacket, long pants and footwear the covers your ankles. Wearing a helmet will keep you safe in dangerous situations. Keep in mind that goggles are a good idea if your helmet doesn't have a visor.

Stay Alert

The majority of accidents involving motorcycles are caused by cars. Stay alert and defensive while on the road. Be aware of drivers erratically changing lanes or those who are distracted. Try to wear bright colors or reflectors in order to ensure other drivers see you. Keep a safe distance between you and other vehicles. Try not to drive next to large trucks in order avoid being in their blind spot. They might not see you and push you off the road. Watch the road for any dangerous potholes or other dangerous conditions.

Avoid Bad Weather

Riding through rain can be tricky and dangerous. The wet roads cause slippery conditions that can cause your bike to skid. If possible, avoid riding your motorcycle during rain storms. High winds can also cause dangerous conditions on the road. Take precautions while riding since the wind may push you around.

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