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What to Do if Your Car Overheats

There's never an ideal moment for your car to overheat and shut down. However, having it happen while you're stuck in traffic can be especially stressful. To help you react correctly in case that situation presents itself, this post will go over some advice that you can use.
  1. For starters, you should keep a bottle of water, or coolant, in your car, especially if it's been known to overheat in the past. This way, you'll be able to cool it down the engine if it starts to heat up.
  2. If you notice that the temperature gauge in your car is rising, turn off your air conditioner and roll the windows down to ease up on the engine a bit.  If this isn't helping, you may need to turn on the heater!
  3. If traffic won't let you pull over, try parking your vehicle or putting it in "Neutral". Likewise, try to go at a steady pace (don't step on the pedal/brakes too much) so you don't overwork the engine.
  4. If the temperature is still increasing, you'll have to pull over, turn off the car, and open the hood to let the engine breathe. After about half an hour of letting it cool down, pour the water or coolant into the coolant reservoir (if it's empty).
  5. When you've gotten your car to start again, take it straight to a mechanic so they can fine-tune it and keep that from becoming a recurring event. Keep in mind that if you used water on the reservoir, you'll have to change it for coolant.

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