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I would like to start telling you a little about me. I have been an Owner Operator since 1977 and like most of you I have maintained my truck the same as most of you until about 8 years ago. I was introduced to the Amsoil Products which has totally changed the way I maintain my truck.

As you can see in my oil sample I have 222798 miles on my 6nz that I put in. The difference is I have not changed my oil since then.

OK I know what your thinking this guy is nuts right??

But hear me out. I don't change my oil however I change my engine oil filter at 20,000 and most importantly take a sample.

The important key to ALL of this is to take a sample to see where your motor is at as far as wear and make sure your oil is doing it's job protecting it. I also run a by/pass filter which you can  buy from Amsoil.

If you would like more information Amsoil and how you can buy itat wholesale pricing and have it shipped to your home FREE call me at 612-991-4737 and if I don't answer please leave me a message.

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