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ATV Engine Maintenance

ATV Engine & Maintenance Tips

ATV Engine & Maintenance Tips

When you purchased your ATV, it was with plans for fun and excitement and perhaps making a few jobs a little easier.  Chances are, it wasn’t so you had another project (unless the project was the ATV).  However, with fun and adventures being the goal, you have likely thought about how to prolong the thrill of riding your ATV. If not, then now is the time to do so.

Getting the most from your ATV is not just about having the “right” ATV engine.  It’s about maintaining the one you have.  No matter how cool the seats, tires, footrest, and rack are, if you don’t take care of the engine, the rest is just decoration.

Engine Maintenance Tips for a Reliable and Safe ATV

ATVIf you have recently acquired your ATV, then be mindful of the break-in period, so named because it is when you familiarize yourself with what your ATV can do. It involves becoming comfortable with the ATV’s running, operating, and mechanics so you can keep it running smoothly and safely.

Beyond the break-in period, you will want to be intentional with your maintenance by having a planned checkup schedule- whether you choose the DIY approach or take it to a qualified ATV mechanic. Be sure these frequent maintenance activities are on your list.

  • Inspect the tires– Note the status of the tread, and check for any nicks, rips, or tears in the tires.  Replace them if they are showing significant signs of age or use.  You should also check the tire pressure and fill to the manufacturer’s recommended level.  This will make riding safer as you go over the various terrain(s).
  • Check and change the oil – Your ATV’s engine and moving parts need high-quality oil to keep everything moving smoothly and safely. Choose the correct Four-Stroke synthetic oil from AMSOIL available from your local Grasston, MN dealer:
  • The brakes – From topping off the brake fluids to inspecting the brake pads and shoes, you don’t want this important feature of your ATV to be faulty. Your brakes need to work when and how you need them. For premium brake fluid, use AMSOIL ATV/UTV Powertrain Fluid.
  • Clean and replace the air filter – A dirty air filter can cause various ATV problems.  Some of these are engine hesitation, excessive fuel consumption, damaged pistons, and reduced power.
  • Inspect the belt – Don’t overlook this crucial part of the engine! The belt is there to minimize the heat created by the moving parts of the engine.  If the belt breaks or slips, it can cause the engine to overheat.
  • Nuts and bolts – You don’t want pieces of your ATV to fall off as you ride down the trail.  Before or after every ride, take a few minutes to inspect these vital parts so your ATV will perform properly.

While these actions may seem tedious, they should not be overlooked! Maintaining your ATV makes a difference in how it handles and helps keep you safe. Don’t put off the tasks. Plan time this weekend to ensure your ATV is everything you need.