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Boat Maintenance: Getting the Most from Your Boat with AMSOIL Marine

Maintenance with AMSOIL Marine

What’s not to love about time on the water!   Are you a fisherman who is energized by time casting a line?  A weekend adventurer who loves to zip along the canals and inlets?  Or, perhaps an adrenaline junkie who thrives on skiing, tubing, or perhaps parasailing?  For any type of enthusiast, having a boat is a great way to spend a weekend-water getaway.  And, if you live in an area like Kanabec County’s Grasston, MN, you’re nearby locations such as Mud Lake, Knife River, Spring Brook, and over 140 other waterways.  The opportunity for water-involved escapades is numerous.  AMSOIL Marine Oil can help make it safer, too, by protecting your boat’s engine.

Boat Maintenance Tips for Optimum Water Fun

AMSOIL Marine Motor OilOf course, if you have a boat of your own, it is vital to take care of it so you can make as many memories as possible.  Here are a few preventive maintenance considerations:

  • Change the oil regularly – Depending on the type of boat you have, how often this is necessary will vary. However, when you do change the oil be sure to use a quality synthetic such as AMSOIL available from your local AMSOIL dealer, Cardey 4-Ever Oil. Whether you opt to change the oil yourself or bring it to your boat dealership, using a synthetic oil will add life to your boat’s engine.  If you aren’t sure of which oil to purchase, use AMSOIL’s guide to help you choose.
  • Check the engine and propeller– After every boating expedition, take time to flush out the engine area, propeller hub, etc. to remove sand, dirt, and debris.  After all, you don’t want any type of build-up that can affect your engine’s performance.
  • Check the bilge– Inspect the bilge and take a few minutes to check for any oil or fuel leaks.  Use an anti-corrosive lubricant on moving parts, and inspect hoses, lines, or clamps for signs of damage or corrosion.

Other Important Maintenance

  • Keep the exterior clean – While it sounds crazy, a dirty boat exterior actually decreases fuel efficiency by up to 30%.  Wipe down the outside of your boat after each time on the water. Also, keep your boat exterior clean to reduce the spread of invasive species.  Wax the outside of your boat at least twice a year, ideally at the beginning and end of boating season.
  • Clean the interior – Don’t let the upholstery get dry-rotted or covered in mildew.  After each time on the water, wipe down your boat seats, the cover, the cockpit area, and any hardwood with an appropriate cleaner.  If you don’t have something on hand, use a simple bucket with a mild soap and water, and a soft cloth.  Accordingly, wipe off all exposed surfaces.
  • Safety before fun – Before every boating excursion, inspect the following:
      • Check the oil and top off if needed
      • Check the boat’s steering capability
      • Ensure the propeller is firmly attached and moving properly
      • Be sure the battery is properly charged
      • Check the boat’s electrical system

Making time for these basic maintenance jobs saves you money.  Likewise, it helps you stay safe out on the water.  As Benjamin Franklin is credited with saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  Maintaining your boat is no exception!

When it comes to water fun, Grasston, MN, like many other parts of America, has numerous waterways perfect for whatever activity you want.  But, if your boat is not properly maintained, then getting to enjoy these activities will be inhibited.  Plan time for those checklist items so you can keep your boat in prime working condition for many years to come.