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Farm Equipment: Boosting Productivity

Minnesota is known for many things, but taking a top spot on the list is farming.  However, keeping the farm moving forward can be tiring and costly. It means long hours, big expenses and being able to roll with whatever weather arises. And while you can’t control everything, there are steps you can take to make farming more productive.  The right maintenance and management approach with farm equipment is part of the equation.

Farm Equipment Management Tips

Buy Quality

FarmGet things moving by always purchasing the best equipment your budget allows. Take time to research each piece before buying. Then weigh the pros and cons before making the investment. Machinery requiring extra maintenance adds to your workload and lowers your profit margin.

Keep Good Records

Your farming equipment is a crucial part of your farm’s success. But there’s more to it than having the needed machinery. Keep your purchasing documents, maintenance records, and receipts where you can access them. There are many apps, programs, etc. available to aid with record keeping.

Keep it Safe

Doing frequent inspections of your machinery. Check the wheels, ensure cables are connected, keep mirrors and reflectors clean. This keeps the equipment working properly and minimizes risk of injury.

Machinery Maintenance

Faming machinery is not only about safety. It must be kept in top working condition. Perform regular oil changes on tractors, add lubricant to all moving parts, and watch for signs of corrosion on the battery. During cold weather months, remove the battery from machinery to extend its lifespan.

Minimize Delays by Keeping Frequently Used items On-Hand

From fertilizer to machinery and maintenance items like oil and filters, farming requires many parts and pieces.  You don‘t want to pause work when something needs repaired, replaced, or topped off. You can buy many items in bulk, thus saving you money and time. For your mechanical needs purchase directly from local AMSOIL dealer, Cardey 4Ever Oil.

Keep it Clean

Farming is dirty work. As such, it is important to keep the wheels, gears, hydraulics and cleaner so that they can work as designed. Buildup of dirt cab inhibit how well the machinery works. Taking time to brush off dirt using a power sprayer, broom or other tool will make a big difference. In addition, at the end of season, never store the equipment with dirt still on it. This way you can minimize risk of corrosion or rust.

Be intentional with your buying habits, keep good records, and stay up to date on maintenance. These simple tasks will help your farm be more productive and provide you with many years of being a big part of the Minnesota farming heritage.