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Road Trip

Great Kid-Friendly Minnesota Road Trips

Enjoying Family Road Trips

If you have ever traveled with children, then you know that it is not always fun and games.  Sure, some kids are great travelers as long they have a screen of some type.  Or, perhaps a few toys and a book or two, and they are ready to roll.  For other kids, a 15-minute drive across town is too much!  As such, a road trip can be quite the challenge!  However, in Minnesota, there are several road trips that can make even the most challenging traveler happy.

  • “Daddy, are we there yet?”
  • “Mom, I need to go to the bathroom.”
  • “Is it time for lunch?”

Road TripOf course, before any road trip, it is important that you take a few minutes to be sure your vehicle is road ready.  After all, we don’t want our kids’ memories of a road trip beginning with, “Remember that trip where we got stuck on the side of the road?”

So, before setting out, take a few minutes to check the tires.  Also check and top off the oil, transmission fluid, coolant/anti-freeze, etc.   You can make topping off fluids quick by having AMSOIL on hand.  Synthetic oil, engine boosts, transmission fluid and other products are readily available at Cardey 4-Ever Oil, your local AMSOIL dealer.

5 Kid-Friendly Minnesota Road Trips

Taylors Falls –

Just a 90-minute drive from Minneapolis, is a beautiful park perfect for hiking, picnicking, and exploring.  You can take a scenic boat tour on the St. Croix River or check out the rock formations and the world’s deepest glacial potholes.  Dine at a drive-in restaurant, or play mini golf.  Also in Taylors Falls are the 43 acres that comprise Franconia Sculpture Park and its remarkable 120+ sculptures on which kids are encouraged to climb and play.

Forest Lake –

There’s nothing like a day at the park to get the wiggles out, and here is a park where this is sure to happen!  With a gigantic dragon sculpture built especially for climbing up on and sliding down, swings, slides, and lots of room for running, jumping and just being a kid, this is a park sure to thrill kids and parents alike.

Mall of America –

As the largest mall in the US, this is a must-go place! Just 15 minutes outside of Minneapolis, in Bloomington, MN here you will find something for everyone in the family. Boasting an indoor amusement park, an aquarium, a mirror maze, the Crayola Experience, and other activities, plus nearly any type of store one can imagine, whether your kids are 6 or 16, they are sure to have a great day.

Stillwater –

Consider to be one of the state’s most popular vacation areas, Stillwater (within a short drive from Twin Cities) is a favorite all year long. It offers outdoor activities like gondola rides and kayaking, attractions such as Bier Cycle Adventures and Teddy Bear Park, and a special treat, Nelson’s Ice cream which has been serving scoops of deliciousness since 1923.

Lake County –

If you are looking for an adventure of a more natural sort, then head this direction. You will find numerous campgrounds, plenty of hiking, water activities, and quiet areas to recharge. And, if you stay overnight, be sure to stay out and watch for the Northern Lights to brighten up the sky.

There are many other great Minnesota road trips that will delight the whole family, but these will get you started. So, pack your bags, grab your keys, check your vehicle’s fluids- send the kids to the bathroom (again!), then load up for an adventure. Minnesota is ready to be explored and enjoyed.