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Motorcycle Engine Maintenance for Reliability and Safety

There’s just something exciting about the roar of a motorcycle’s engine. That deep rumble as it accelerates is an adrenaline spike that can be difficult to beat. But if you want to keep your motorcycle purring and giving you that thrill, then it is vital to take time to maintain its moving parts. Fortunately, compared to 4-wheeled vehicles, the motorcycle is a relatively simple machine.

fuel2Of course, just because it is not as involved as other modes of transportation doesn’t mean motorcyclists get a pass on maintenance. If you want your cycle to be reliable and safe whenever you are ready to hit the open road, then making time for basic tasks is essential.

Must-Do Motorcycle Maintenance

Depending on how often you ride your motorcycle, the frequency needed for maintenance will vary. However, some of the most commonly performed maintenance tasks should be-

Check the fluids.

From the brake fluid to the oil, your motorcycle engine will perform at its best when all the fluid levels are correct. Keeping a quart of oil or brake fluid on hand will make topping off levels quick and easy.  In the Grasston, MN, area, you can find AMSOIL synthetic oil, brake fluid, and more at Cardey 4Ever Oil. Going synthetic can minimize how often you have to refill these systems.

Look for any leaks.

Drops of coolant, an oil leak, lubricant, or any other element can indicate a more significant concern. Should you see any droplets, you need to determine the cause and get it corrected asap.

How are the tires?

At least once a week, check the tire tread for signs of wear. If they are low or have rips or knicks, it may be time to replace them. Worn treads will minimize how well your bike can grip the road, making it unsafe for you and those you share the road with. Also, when checking the tires, take a minute to inspect the sprockets and the condition of the tires.

Shaft or Chain –

If your motorcycle uses a chain, then be sure it has ample lubrication to move smoothly; if a shaft is used, check for any leakage.

Electronics Check –

Be sure the lights, blinkers, and other electronics are working correctly. You need to be both seen and heard when riding. Be sure this check includes brake lights, flashers, and the high beam!

Brakes are critical.

Make time to check brake pads regularly and ensure there is the proper amount of play in the brake and clutch levers.

Be sure everything is properly lubricated.

The side stand, center stand, levers, pedals, and cables all need lubrication to work smoothly and safely. At Cardey 4Ever Oil, you will find the perfect lube for all your cycle’s moving parts.

Fresh air –

Be sure your motorcycle’s engine can run efficiently. You will likely need to periodically change the air filter to protect it from debris buildup. The frequency for this task will depend on how often you ride.

Motorcycle maintenance is part of ownership. It might not be your favorite job, but it is a must if you love hearing the rev of the engine and taking off down the road. Make it a habit to keep your motorcycle maintained so it is ready to go when you are.