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Motorcycles Rides- Keeping it Cool

Keeping it Cool on the Bike – Motorcycle Living

Hot summer temperatures are still a few months away for most of us. But it is never too soon to start thinking about how to stay cool when riding. Cloudless days, high temperatures, and humidity make hot weather riding unsafe. But there are things you can do to protect yourself. But before you set off for summertime rides, be sure your motorcycle is ready, too. Do this by topping off fluids such as oil, Octane Boost, and Quickshot available from your local AMSOIL dealer, Cardey 4Ever Oil.

AMSOIL Motorcycle maintenance10 Ways to Protect Yourself on Summertime Motorcycle Rides

1. Stay hydrated. Heat exhaustion is a real concern that can occur when riding during the summer. Ward off this problem by being intentional about fluid intake. Water, electrolyte-building drinks, and salty snacks go a long way toward preventing this. Consider purchasing a hydration backpack, so you can easily hydrate while riding.

2. Think mesh. When riding it is always best to wear all the gear. Full gloves, jacket, pants, over-the-ankle boots, etc. are still a must. But these items can get hot. Consider wearing mesh gear designed specifically for warm-weather riding.

3. Wear evaporated clothing.  Look for clothes identified as evaporated cooling materials. From vests to neck wraps these products are made to hold as much as 400 times their weight and release it slowly.

4. Look at the time!  The hottest part of the day is generally between noon and 5 p.m. so try to avoid riding during those hours. For long trips, consider leaving early in the day, then resting during the hottest hours.

5. Take a break. Give your mind and body time to recuperate. Even if riding during cool hours, it is helpful to stop and stretch, drink something, and sit in the shade.

6. Powder up. Riding long hours can get uncomfortable and sweaty. Products designed to absorb sweat will become your best friend.

7. Check the tires. Be sure your tires are properly inflated. Low tire pressure puts your tires at a greater risk of blowouts.

8. Maintain the engine. Your bike needs help staying cool, too. Protect the engine by covering the radiator and checking the coolant level. It might seem minor, but proper engine maintenance helps keep it cooler.

9. Stay connected. Yes, you should have a cell phone in case of emergency, but don’t forget about your bike’s electrical connections. Heat and humidity can affect the bike’s electrical system and cause the wires and cables to loosen. Take time to check them often.

10. Get a kickstand puck. Heat can cause asphalt to soften. Using a kickstand puck when parking minimizes the risk of your bike toppling over.

Are you ready for summertime rides? Sure, you are. Now is the time to gear up and make plans for the road trips ahead. Get the gear, stay current on bike maintenance, and keep hydrated. Then, it’s off on a new adventure!