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Reasons to Own Motorcycles

If you frequently find yourself dreaming about owning motorcycles, you are not alone. Many people who love the call of the open road have dreamt of owning – and eventually purchased- a motorcycle. Yes, like any motorized vehicle, there are risks involved. But with proper training and awareness, owning a motorcycle is something anyone who loves the rush of wind in their hair and a lack of caging as they ride, should endeavor to do at least once in their life.

9 Reasons to Own a Motorcycle

motorcycle2Sneak in an extra workout –

It may not look like it from a spectator’s viewpoint, but riding a motorcycle requires quite a bit of stamina. You must maintain your balance while steering a bike at high speeds, sometimes while being buffeted about by the wind and force of other vehicles around you. It also requires quite a bit of energy to hold the bike steady in the direction you plan to go.

They are eco-friendly –

A motorcycle engine is smaller, so it uses less fuel, produces fewer chemicals, and uses fewer resources to build.

The camaraderie of riding –

Anyone can drive a car, but not everyone rides a motorcycle. Bikers tend to hang out together because not everyone understands the call of the road a motorcycle brings. Remember, not all motorcycle clubs are bad. In fact, you will find that motorcyclists are some of the nicest people you will ever meet.

A motorcycle is cheaper –

If you compare the cost of a car, the gas mileage, and the maintenance required you will quickly find that a motorcycle is significantly more cost-effective.

The Thrill of the ride –

Going fast in a car is nice but nothing compares to the thrill of riding down the road on a motorcycle.

Better resale value –

The moment you drive off the car lot, your new vehicle goes down in value. However, a motorcycle that has been maintained and kept in good condition will typically have fewer miles on it than a vehicle of the same age. So, when you get ready to sell a motorcycle, you will get more for it, than you would a car.

Easier Parking –

Quite often, parking for bikes is closer to a building so it is more convenient. Also, you can fit into those smaller spaces when automobiles are parked crooked- just be sure not to park in anyone’s blind spot or park too close to a vehicle so you risk your bike being knocked over.

Better brain function –

UCLA did a study of motorcyclists and found that “riding reduced susceptibility to distraction and heightened sensory processing”. So, if you need help focusing, try riding a motorcycle!

Boost your Vitamin D –

Vitamin D is needed by our body to maintain and build healthy bones. It can only be put into our body in 3 ways- food, supplements, and sun exposure. Riding is a great way to get some extra sun. Just be sure that if riding for an extended period you also put on some sunscreen.

Of course, it’s not enough to just own a motorcycle and ride it from time to time. It also needs to be properly maintained so it is ready to go when you are. Ensure your bike is always ready by keeping AMSOIL products from local dealer Cardey4EverOil on hand. With a full line of products developed specifically for your motorcycle, you can know your bike is always ready to go- just like you are.