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Should You Use Synthetic Oil?

Synthetic Oil: Is it the Right Choice?

Synthetic oil is more expensive than conventional oil.  However, there are several benefits which may make it a better choice for your vehicle.

Years ago, synthetics were used mainly in high-end vehicles.  High-powered engines demanded the extra protection synthetic oil provides.  But in more recent times, smaller engines working at higher RPM and operating temperatures need extra protection, too.  Synthetics prices have become more affordable over the years.  So, your car can benefit from longer times between oil changes and extended protection without breaking the bank.

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Longer times between oil changes means saving money.  Additionally, the lower viscosity of synthetic oil means you’ll save money in fuel economy, too.  Lower viscosity means the oil flows better.  When the oil flows better there’s less resistance between moving parts, so the engine doesn’t work as hard.  Therefore, your fuel efficiency typically gets a boost from using synthetic oil.

The days of 3,000 mile oil changes are mostly over.  Most new vehicles have recommended oil change intervals of 5,000 to 7,000 miles.  (Be sure to check your vehicle manufacturer owner’s manual for yours).  Using a full synthetic motor oil can extend the interval even more in some cases, compared to conventional motor oil. 

Long-Term Cost Savings of Using Synthetic Oil

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Your cost savings goes beyond longer oil change intervals and better gas mileage.  Synthetic oil is cleaner than conventional oil.  If your car uses conventional oil, your engine is prone to higher sludge buildup and carbon deposits.  Synthetics are formulated to reduce carbon deposits in your valves and cylinders.  Not only does this mean a cleaner, more environmentally friendly ride; it also means lower long-term maintenance costs.

Keep in mind, if you make your oil purchase based solely on the price-per quart, you’re making a decision without considering the complete picture.  With gas nearing (or above) $4.00 per gallon in some areas, your extra savings from choosing synthetic oil can add up quickly.

What About Synthetic Blends?

Although a synthetic blend can offer better performance and protection
than conventional oil, the durability doesn’t compare to a full synthetic.  Here are some of the noteworthy benefits of choosing AMSOIL for your vehicle over conventional oil or a blend:

1. AMSOIL better resists breaking down, meaning it lasts longer

2. The flow point temperature of AMSOIL is lower, making it better in cold temperatures during engine starts.

3. AMSOIL withstands higher pressures and operating temperatures, offering more protection for high-performance and high RPM engines.

4. For daily commutes in heavy traffic with high idling, or for situations involving towing, AMSOIL has formulations to protect in such operationally adverse conditions.

Need Help Deciding Upon YOUR Right Choice of Oil?

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