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Maintenance for Your Boat and Its Engine

It seems every year, just as boating season begins the cost of fuel begins to rise. As such, finding ways to save a few dollars while still indulging in your favorite activity becomes important. After all, money saved on fuel means extra funds for fishing tackle and boating adventures.

Fortunately, most of today’s boats are designed with fuel efficiency in mind. But this doesn’t mean there aren’t other actions you can take to minimize your fuel costs.
Boosting Your Boat’s Fuel Economy

Keep it cleaned out.

boat1The heavier your boat, the more fuel it will need for the engine to propel it across the water. Be intentional about keeping unnecessary items out of the various boat compartments. Another way to reduce weight is to drain the live wells before heading back in after fishing. Lightening your boat’s load will help minimize the pull on the engine.

Keeping clean doesn’t apply only to the interior of the boat. Make time to clean the boat’s exterior. A cleaned and waxed hull allows your boat to move through the water more smoothly thus using less fuel.

Keep it properly maintained.

Performing tasks such as changing spark plugs, replacing filters, using the proper grade of gasoline, and topping fluids will go a long way toward improving gas mileage. Be sure to have the products you need readily available by contacting your local AMSOIL dealer, Cardey 4Ever Oil. From oil to filters, marine engine boosts, and more, AMSOIL has all you need to keep your boat running at peak performance.

Have the right prop.

The propeller your boat came with, may not be the most efficient. These propellers are often standard designs. Swapping to a custom propeller helps your engine work at its full potential, thus using less fuel. Once you swap the prop, keep it free of dings and knicks. This will allow it to turn correctly, giving the boat to have maximum thrust.

Use additives.

Despite your best efforts, sometimes you have to use fuel with ethanol concentration. To combat the effect of this fuel, consider using an AMSOIL fuel additive.

No idling.

Like in your car, idling is tough on the engine and is a prime way to waste fuel. Whenever possible, turn off the engine rather than using gas to stay stationary.

Check the trim.

This is especially important for older boats or if you bought a used boat. Have a boat professional inspect the trim and see if it is in the correct place. If the trim is uneven, it can cause hydrodynamic resistance. This will slow down your boat- resulting in more fuel consumption.

So now that you have ways to save, what adventures will set sail for this year? After all, the water is calling, and you now know how to make the most of it.