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Blue Smoke from exhaust

What Causes Blue Smoke from Your Exhaust

What Blue Engine Exhaust Means

Blue is a great color! A beautiful blue sky, blue waters of the ocean, ripe blueberries, blue smoke…. Oh, wait! One of these items is not exactly wonderful, especially when it is coming out of your vehicle’s exhaust pipe! Yes, this is one instance when seeing something blue isn’t exactly welcomed.

When it comes to one’s vehicle, blue smoke coming from the exhaust is indicative of a problem – even if there’s only a little bit. Seeing blue smoke escaping from your exhaust pipe can mean several different things.

Other Reasons for Blue Smoke

blue smokeOil in the combustion chamber.  This is the most common cause of blue smoke. It is caused by an oil leak, likely due to improperly sealing, in the gasket. This oil leak means the gas in the combustion chamber is mixing with the leaking oil and causing that blue-tinged smoke. Other causes can be that the piston rings and valve seals have begun to wear out and need to be replaced. Get these parts replaced asap so that other problems such as grinding and unnecessary friction between moving parts doesn’t occur.

The turbocharger has blown out. If the turbo is damaged, then it is likely that an oil seal is leaking and allowing oil into the engine fuel.

Damaged piston ring.  The job of the piston rings is to keep the engine oil in the combustion chamber. This type of repair can be expensive; don’t put it off as it will only create more problems to correct.

Overfilling the engine oil. Yes, our vehicles need oil to run smoothly, but too much oil can cause problem. Pay attention when topping off the oil, to be sure you only fill to the correct amount.

What You Can Do About Blue Smoke

Clean the engine.  Perhaps one of the easiest steps to take is simply to clean things up. If you have not been maintaining the engine as stated in the owner’s manual, then now is the time to do so! There is likely a clogged cylinder head. To clean, remove the valve cover and remove build up or sludge; clean drain back holes, then reassemble. Wait a couple of days, then recheck the engine, cleaning off any remaining oil.

Other actions that may be necessary if you are seeing blue smoke from the exhaust include:
1. Fix the valve seals
2. Repair the PCV Valve
3. Repair or replace the blown turbo
4. Repair/replace the transmission modulator

You depend on your vehicle, so it is important to take care of it. One way to do this is by using quality products. A synthetic oil from Cardey4EverOil, your local AMSOIL dealer will go a long way towards boosting your vehicle’s performance. Keep products such as engine boost, lubricant, and synthetic oil on hand so you can do your part to keep your engine maintained and minimize the risk of blue smoke.