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Winter RV Park

Where to Winter RV in Minnesota

For many people, camping, whether in a tent or an RV, is primarily an activity for summertime. After all, what’s not to love about spending all day in the sunshine exploring the campground or area venues? But, for the RVing enthusiasts, there’s no reason that camping is only a seasonal activity. With this in mind, there are quite a few Minnesota RV campgrounds that are open twelve months a year. So, you can enjoy those adventures, and create amazing memories even when it’s cold outside.

Wintertime RV Campgrounds
Lanesboro, MN –

This town has been voted by Travel and Leisure Magazine as one of the top 20 most beautiful winter towns in America. You will find quaint buildings, historic locations, hiking trails, parks, and many other activities sure to delight you. And when it comes to RVing, there is a plethora of RV sites listed on Hipcamp. These sites range from single-space country farm RV setups to multi-campsites.

State Parks –

An impressive number of Minnesota state parks are open for year-round camping. Depending on the location, amenities vary but most offer electrical hookups, drinking water, and firewood. While there you can enjoy activities like hiking, skiing, and off-highway vehicles riding trails.

Minneapolis, MN –
Winter RV Park

No matter what time of year you are in Minnesota, there is always something to do in Minneapolis. And if you want to stay in your RV- no worries! There are several campgrounds to choose from, but some of the fan-faves are the Myre-Big Island State Park, the Chippewa National Forest, and Minneopa State Park. At Myre-Big there are 125 spots available, plenty of areas for exploring, and 7 miles of snowmobile trails. The Chippewa offers ice fishing, snowshoeing, sledding, and miles of forest trails for snowmobiling. Minneopa is known for its gorgeous 40-foot waterfall, winding forest trails, breathtaking views, and the park’s range area where you are likely to see herds of buffalo. It should be noted that Minneopa does not allow snowshoeing.

National Parks –

There are 6 National parks in Minnesota. But for wintertime RV camping everyone’s favorite is Voyagers National Park in the northern part of the state. The park borders Ontario, Canada, and gets extremely cold. So if considering a trip in this direction be sure to have a minimum of two weeks of supplies! While visiting here, you may see bald eagles, geese, trumpeter swans, white-tail deer, moose, red foxes, bison, beavers, mountain lions, and other wildlife- so being aware of one’s surroundings is a must! Activities include ice fishing, snowshoeing, and hiking.

As with any trip, you must take time to go over your RV before heading down the road. But in the winter, it is especially vital.  Be sure to check all your RV’s systems, top off fluids, change filters, add antifreeze, and be sure you have backup supplies available.  You can get many of the fluids, lubes, etc. from your Minnesota AMSOIL dealer, Cardey 4Ever Oil.

When planning a trip to one of these great wintertime RV campgrounds, be sure to check their calendar of events. Beyond the easy access to skiing sites, many of these campgrounds offer an array of activities geared to adventurers of every age. Then, once you get to your wintertime campsite gear up and have fun! It might be cold but with so much to do, you’ll warm up quickly!